Welcome to Green Lunch

Full-Service Catering
We're committed to providing fresh, made-from scratch lunches for you and your office.



We provide a full range of catering options for teams of all sizes with a focus on quality and freshness. Our extensive and customizable menu designed to please your whole office.

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Our Food

We believe in making healthy food easy for everyone.

To us, this means sourcing high-quality, real food ingredients from trusted suppliers, creating our own from-scratch recipes without processed ingredients, and designing salads and meals that can accommodate special diets and lifestyles (gluten-free friendly, vegetarian, vegan, paleo).

You also won't find any cheap cooking oils in our kitchen; every dressing, vinaigrette and recipe uses 100% avocado oil or extra virgin olive oil.  We do not cut corners because we think every meal is an investment in our customers' health and well-being, and a step toward a more efficient and ethical food supply chain.

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Phone: (512) 387-4634