Food Matters


Green Lunch was started by two busy parents working office jobs. At home, they made sure to set a standard of eating whole, nutritious food, but in the office, there were too many days spent eating whatever was quick and available. This problem was echoed by family and friends, co-workers and clients. The afternoon slog. No energy left at the end of the day for a workout, for your partner, for the kids. Green Lunch was created based on the idea that convenience and healthy eating could and should be compatible goals. This philosophy is the driving force of our business.

We also believe in sourcing our food ethically, reducing waste, bootstrapping and growing our business with a tight knit team, supporting our local community by partnering with local businesses, and improving the wellness of the clients we serve by making healthy food delicious and convenient. This means sourcing high-quality ingredients and creating our own from scratch-recipes without processed ingredients. No cheap cooking oils in our kitchen. Every dressing, vinaigrette and recipe uses 100% avocado oil, coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil.

We believe that fresh is best. Food is delivered to our kitchen from our partners at least 3 times a week, ensuring freshness and reducing waste. Keeping our menu focused means nothing sits in our kitchen for long. Our menu is focused on ingredients we know we can source without cutting corners or compromising freshness.